The Shadow

TheShadow_hovedbilde_ligende_webA detective-documentary.

Mary Reklev (84) is Norway’s first female private detective. With over 40 years of experience, she solved more than 1000 cases. The people that came to her for help all had something in common – a fear of being deceived. But what they did not know was that Mary shared the same fear. The man who taught her everything about detective work, with whom she shared both an office and a home, betrayed her. In “the Shadow” Mary attempts to solve her last case: herself.

International title: The Shadow
Norwegian title: Skyggen
Format: Single documentary
Length: 45 min
Language: Norwegian
Estimated release: Spring 2013
Director: Line Hatland
Producer: KriStine Ann Skaret
Norwegian Film Institute
TV2 Norway
Fund for Sound and Image
Commissioning Editor:
Stig Andersen (NFI)
Vebjørn Hagen (TV2)

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