SALT_1_adjustesA short animated dance film

A girl grows up in a sandcastle. This world is beautiful when she is little, but becomes too confining as she grows up. She leaves the castle and journeys into new territory to find her own dance.

Salt is shot in the amazing underground world of the salt mines of Wieliczka outside Krakow in Poland. The film combines a wide range of artistic and cinematic techniques to create a captivating new fairytale.

Salt is an international collaboration between British, Polish and Norwegian artists and producers.

International title: Salt
 Short fiction
14 min
Original title: 
No dialogue
Est. release: Spring 2013
Director: Maria Lloyd
Producer: Ingvil Giske in co- production with Plesnar Films (PL) and Aurora Film (NO)
Financing: Norwegian Film Institute, East Norwegian Film Senter, NRK, Fund for Sound and Image, Nikon and Zeiss

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