Reconstructing a Family

Twenty years ago: a family break-up like most others, but traumatic and sad for the family of four. Twenty years on: the family members recollect their memories. With their memories as soundtrack, the film reconstructs the visual imagery, and tries to capture the sense of the past through the hindsight of the present.

PRODUCTION FACTSpris_reconstructing_biff
International title: Reconstructing a family
Original title: Rekonstruksjon av en familie
FormatSingle documentary
Production year: 2012
Length: 35 min
Language: Norwegian, English
Subtitles: Norwegian, English
Release: October 2012
Director: Charlotte Røhder Tvedt
Producer: KriSine Ann Skaret
Festivals: NFI, Toril Simonsen 
Sales: Medieoperatørene

Norwegian Film Institute
Mid Norwegian Film Centre
Eastern Norway Film Centre
Commissioning Editor: 
Stig Andersen (NFI)

Festival Screenings:
Bergen International Film Festival, Bergen 2012
Eurodok, Oslo 2013
Amandus, Lillehammer 2013
Dokfilm, Volda 2013
Grimstad Film Festival, Grimstad 2013
Nordisk Panorama, Malmø 2013
Nordic/Docs, Fredrikstad 2013


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