Not a Man in Sight

A whole generation of lesbian women is about to disappear. The first open generation. Not a Man In Sight portraits three groups of lesbian women – all at different stages in life.

A young girl living at home with her parents, seeking her identity, defining herself as polyamorous rather than lesbian and experiments with different relationships.

An adult couple who got married and left a free, careless existence in the progressive culture for a traditional family life with children.

An aging couple, fighting cancer and dreaming of watching the sunset together on the Island of Lesbos.

The film premiered on TV2 in Norway, 12 October 2011, and on SVT2 in Sweden, 12 April 2012.

International title: 
Not a man in sight
Original title: Ingen mann i sikte
 Single documentary
Production Year:
48 min (TV)/56 min (festival)
Norwegian, Swedish, English
Mette Aakerholm Gardell
Producer: KriStine Ann Skaret, in co-production with
Stina Gardell, Mantaray Film (SWE)
Festivals: Medieoperatørene
Sales: Medieoperatørene

Norwegian Film Institute
Swedish Film Institute
TV2 Norway
The Freedom of Expression Foundation (Fritt Ord)
Commissioning Editor:
Stig Andersen (NFI)

Cineffable Lesbian Film Festival, Paris, France 2013
KASHISH Mumbai International Queer Film Festival, Mumbai, India 2013
Side by Side, Moscow 2013
Q! Film Festival, Jakarta 2012
CineDoc, Greece 2012
Side by Side LGBT International Film Festival, St. Petersburg 2012
Oslo Gay and Lesbian Film Festival, Oslo 2012
Hamburg International Queer Film Festival, Hamburg 2012
Tempo Film Festival, Stockholm 2012
Outview, Athens 2012
Pink Apple, Zürich 2012
QDoc, Portland 2012


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