Good Girl

flinkpikebilde storThe art of not giving a damn.

Successful documentary filmmaker Solveig Melkeraaen suffers a heavy clinical depression. Treatment with electroshock therapy helps her, and she starts making a film about the experience and how she manages to overcome the illness with this controversial treatment.

But when Solveig falls into a second depression, she realizes she has to accept that being perfect is not an option. This insight gives the filmmaker and the film a new depth, and makes the film a unique portrait of a person who learns how to be a human being, not just a good girl.

Norwegian title: Fink pike
Genre: Feature length documentary
Length (est.): 80 min.
Estimated release: January 2014
Solveig Melkeraaen
Producer: Ingvil Giske 
Financing: Norwegian Film Institute, Fund for sound and image, Extrastiftelsen- Helse og rehabilitering, MEDIA programme of the European Union, The Institution Fritt Ord and NRK.

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